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Rejuvenated 71 year old.
Ken Rodger,  
“I am a male of 71 years who was diagnosed with diabetes, heavily overweight and suffering from High Blood Pressure, I turned my life around by losing weight and controlling my sugar intake, this also required me to do exercise in the form of walking/running/hiking. During one of the hikes I had a fall and injured my shoulder which regressed into a frozen shoulder syndrome. Visits to a traditional physiotherapist who suggested I may need an operation as my arm was becoming a serious problem and very painful to lift. A year after I injured my shoulder, I strained my left hamstring while competing in a Park Run. This injury resulted in me stopping all my activities, I again went to a traditional physiotherapist for treatment but did not get the results which I needed. So I resigned myself to the fact that being old must be the factor and basically stopped with the exercise, I lost 9 months of inactivity as I believed there was no hope for me.
Then one day whilst reading the local area newspaper I read an article offering help to people with pain to be pain free with treatment that focuses on realigning the body. This excited me as it was offering everything I wanted, being an old man of 71 I was not sure if they would even look at my problem, but thought it was worth the try anyway, I contacted JVS Physiotherapy Inc. who told me to come in and see them, they started working on realigning my body to improve both my shoulder and Hamstring.
It is now 6 months since my first session and my frozen shoulder is almost 100% cured my hamstring is being tested to its maximum and is holding up and I am now doing my hiking again. I am back with Run Walk for Life and I am planning to go back to the Park Run soon.
I wish to thank JVS physiotherapists Inc. for all the effort which they so professionally did to help me back to where I am today, words don’t express enough to thank them.
I would recommend anyone to go to JVS Physiotherapy Inc. for assessment of their problems and to have the treatment as this has given me a new outlook of life at my age and a few more years to my lifespan, for if this can help me at my age I envy what she can do for people younger.”
Happy Comrades Runner
Jason Smith,  
"For the first time in two years I felt like my real running self this morning. Thank you so much. Lynotherapy really works."